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Yoga Is For Everybody And Every Body.

Yoga is not about being flexible. Yoga meets you where you are and provides a route to building balance, stability, strength, and flexibility, internally and externally.

No matter who you are or what your current circumstances, yoga can take you in the direction of greater health and vitality as you gain inner and outer strength, flexibility, stamina and poise. Both our Yoga Basics Series and Plus Size Yoga Series are recommended for those just starting out.”

Yoga Basics Series Classes

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Plus Size Series Classes

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Yoga Basics is the go-to class for those new to yoga or those returning after a period of inactivity or injury. The class meets once per week for six weeks and introduces students to fundamental postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama), meditation and yogic philosophy.  The pace is slow, the atmosphere relaxed as we break down the poses and offer modifications for the particular needs of each unique individual.  As a result, you will gain an understanding of how to practice yoga in a way that is safe and most beneficial to you.  Yoga is for everyone — the practice meets you where you are.

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Our Plus Size Yoga series designed to promote a body positive experience for all students.  In this 8-week series, the instructor will offer postures, breath work and meditation techniques that are ideal for the plus-size student.  Whether this is your first yoga series, or you have an existing practice, you will find these classes approachable, challenging and targeted for bodies of all shapes and sizes.  Modifications will be offered for each pose so that students may find greater support or move toward greater challenge as appropriate. Join us for a body positive yoga experience and prepare to learn, play and grow!

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Etiquette & Helpful Hints

  • Please sign in at the front desk when you arrive. (Your teacher doesn’t get paid otherwise!)
  • Arrive 10 minutes early to class. Doors will be locked promptly at the start of class.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes early when coming to Shine for the first time.
  • Try to eat one to two hours before class. Both full and empty stomachs impact your practice.
  • Make sure to let the teacher know if you are injured or pregnant. He or she will adapt the class for you.
  • Yoga can make us very sensitive out sensations and subtle energy. That is why we ask that you arrive clean and fragrance free.
  • Enter the studio quietly.
  • Be mindful of where you place your mat so that there is room for everyone.
  • Please turn off your cell phone. This is important to your state of mind as well as others. Vibrating cell phones can still be heard.
  • Wear appropriate attire. Make sure you’re covered in all the important places.
  • It’s tremendously beneficial to stay for the final resting pose – savasana. But if you must leave early, please place your mat near the door.
  • Keep the studio clean and tidy during and after class.
  • Borrowed mats should be cleaned thoroughly with our green cleaning solution before being returned to the shelves.
  • Work in your pain-free, strain-free zone. Sensation is good. Pain is bad. Please be respectful of your precious body, mind and spirit.