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Class Descriptions

A traditional Hatha practice with some not so traditional SLOW vinyasas, based in the four pillars of Breath, Strength, Integrity and Spirit.  All of these are explored through holding poses, warming up from the core and release from the depths of our muscles through the emotional memories held within them.  Mindful Vinyasa challenges you to be conscious from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes, and everything in between.  Come prepared to sweat!  Poses are accessible to those who are new or well-versed in their yoga practice.  Injuries are welcomed and worked with, not around.
This introductory class is perfect for anyone looking to explore the fundamentals of yoga or those with physical concerns. Postures are held for shorter periods of time and props are often used to support students. Practitioners will be guided through introductory levels of pranayama (breath work) and meditation.
Anusara-Inspired Yoga is a 
playful class for active beginners and those who wish to build and nourish a 
strong foundation in their yoga practice.  This fun class introduces the Universal Principles of Alignment through a variety of poses (asana) with an emphasis on building strength, flexibility, balance, and awareness with an intent to align with the heart through life-affirming philosophy. You’ll be challenged physically and mentally, at your own level, in a safe and supportive environment.
This well-rounded class is a great next step for the beginner who has a foundation in the yoga fundamentals as well as for intermediate students who want to improve balance, strength and flexibility while moving mindfully through the poses. Modifications are offered so all levels can practice.  Yoga philosophy, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation are interwoven throughout to help students achieve greater awareness of the connection between the body, mind and spirit.
The experienced student with an established yoga practice will enjoy this intermediate to advanced level class that draws upon traditional yogic teachings, postures, pranayama and meditations. Students will practice inversions including headstand and shoulderstand, arm balances and back bends. This class is not appropriate for students with injuries or substantial limitations.
Hatha Yoga takes a classical approach to yoga with an emphasis on proper alignment, breath control and the development of awareness of the energetic quality of the poses. Poses are often explored in depth and students are encouraged to practice at their own pace. Modifications are given for varying levels. Yoga philosophy, pranayama (breath work) and meditation are typically part of this well-rounded practice. A great class for any level of practitioner.
Breath-synchronized movement is at the core of Vinyasa Flow, which can at times be experienced as a meditation in movement. There is no strict format for Vinyasa so each class is different and a unique expression reflecting the teacher’s creative insights. This all-levels class is appropriate for experienced beginners and intermediate and advanced practitioners. Students are encouraged to work within their own capabilities.
Everyone can benefit from this class, which helps to prepare the body for sleep and tissue repair. Restorative Yoga offers a gentle asana practice and beginner level pranayama (breath work) focused on dispelling feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, exhaustion or fatigue. Promotes restorative sleep and stress relief. Guaranteed to make you say Ahhhhhhhh….
In this class, we will emphasize optimal alignment of the body using the union of breath and movement.  Students will practice poses that increase strength, flexibility and body awareness.  Heart themed classes will allow students to deeply connect their practice to their lives benefitting the whole person.
This fun and invigorating class will combine elements of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga to allow the practitioner to dive into a movement based meditation with a focus on proper alignment and safety in yoga poses. From week to week you can expect changing flow sequences and pose selections but always a strong emphasis on deepening your breath and preparing the body for a restful and restorative savasana.
Tantric Vinyasa is a slow flow class with breath synchronized movement. It focuses on the healing aspects of Yoga practice that come from the skillful use of Prana in breath, posture and meditation. Through cultivating a steady, clear, focused mind, intention can direct Prana to the areas that need awareness or enhancement.
Be good to yourself! Gentle Yoga is the perfect class for beginners of all stripes as well as seniors and students dealing with health issues and/or recovering from illness or surgery. Also appropriate for those who are new to yoga or exercise. Students are lead through basic yoga poses and are often supported using props. Breathing and meditation techniques round out this wonderful, healing practice

Yoga Basics is the go-to class for those new to yoga or those returning after a period of inactivity or injury. The class meets once per week for six weeks and introduces students to fundamental postures (asana), breathwork (pranayama) and yogic philosophy. One missed class may be made up in the next Yoga Basics session. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds or credits for additional missed classes.

Registration is required. Please call 630.482.9700 or email us.

Cost is $90 per 6-week session.  Or, sign up with a friend and you both pay just $75 each!

Plus Size Yoga is an eight-week course offering students a broad range of tools supporting health, healing and personal transformation. We will meet you where you are and focus on your individual journey to health and happiness. We will guide you through each practice with thoughtful instruction and support to help you reach your goals safely, at your own pace. You will develop strength, balance, flexibility and mind/body connections in a fun, comfortable environment.

Through this course, you will become familiar with conscious yogic breathing, yoga poses using modifications and props to accommodate larger bodies, guided meditation and some yoga philosophy. These tools can be utilized in an infinite number of combinations to suit the unique needs of every individual. You will leave each class energized, NOT exhausted and you’ll gain an inner confidence and a new relationship with the beautiful body you were born with. Since modifications using chairs are offered as needed, this class is also appropriate for those with limited access to poses done on the floor, such as individuals with knee or hip conditions.

Registration is required. Please register here, call 630.482.9700 or email us.

Cost is $120 per 8-week session.

Though we are not currently offering Prenatal Yoga, we have many teachers who are qualified to teach pre- and post-natal students within the format of our regularly scheduled classes.  They are also available for private and small group yoga sessions.  Please call us at 630.482.9700 for suggestions and more information.

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