12 12, 2016

Walking Meditation with Sandy Dixon

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When it’s cold and gray outside, it can be hard to keep our spirits high. This guided, walking meditation with Sandy Dixon encourages you to bundle up, get out, and get some fresh air into your body to feel uplifted […]

27 09, 2016

traffic jams, speeding tickets and road rage

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I’ve been listening to Michael Singer’s new book The Surrender Experiment in my car.  It’s about quieting the spinning, judging, analyzing mind and stepping into the Universal Flow of Life.  He dares us to trust enough to say YES to whatever life […]

17 01, 2013


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Jan. 18: If your holiday hubbub was followed directly by the season of sickness, you won’t want to miss Friday Surprise with The Gong Guru! Although the gong has ancient roots, it is receiving modern medical approval for its ability to put participants […]

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