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Welcome To Shine

Shine, in Batavia, Illinois, is a gathering place for like minds to meet up, have fun, learn stuff, share ideas, get intellectual, move the body, be entertained, wax nostalgic, ask big questions, hang out, laugh, cry, rant, vent, create, listen and be quiet.

We believe Yoga has the power to transform you inside and out.

Yoga offers a whole host of practical benefits such as toning the muscles, increasing flexibility and balance, aligning the joints.  All this leads to greater range of motion, pain relief, increased health and vitality and more ease in everyday living.

There are many well-documented psychic rewards as well including easing a stressed out mind and body, increasing energy and upping the joy quotient in your life.

Yoga truly is for every BODY and our class schedule reflects this.  At Shine you’ll find regular classes for all ages, abilities and life circumstances.  And, we frequently offer classes for special audiences including people battling illnesses and conditions, those who have suffered trauma or are in need of restoration and patients recovering from surgery.

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