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Project Description

Luke Wilczak

I found my calling through the practice of Yoga. After spinal fusion surgery in 2013 to correct rapidly developing scoliosis, I searched for relief from constant physical discomfort that in turn strained my mind. Not until I first began practicing Yoga did I experience a complete science that allowed me to unwind, open and relax my being. Due to a personal structural imbalance, my practice has been keenly focused upon rehabilitation and the restructuring of the incredibly resilient and responsive spine. I have found that through continuous and conscious regulation of the breath that life can unfold and align with the dharma (essential quality) of the world: to grow. This in turn allows the spirit to shine from within.

My style of teaching is heavily based upon the knowledge provided from my teacher, Karen Weber-Manz. Under her guidance and through passionate daily practice, I continue to delve deeper into what it means to align and how one reaches a point of stillness, spaciousness and silence that create clarity, connection and freedom. I firmly believes that Yoga is a proactive tool that allows us to embody the mantra, OM Shanti, that is, realizing our limitless potential and living it with effortless ease.

My classes are focused on guiding the individual to embody OM Shanti. Through a sensitive awareness of body mechanics and an intention to create space within, poses are taught slowly and gradually with emphasis on allowing the breath to guide the student deeper into the pose and the self. I believe that through this mindful attention, one can witness the truth of their being unfold with every breath.

More About Luke

What inspires you?
Finding a little bit of peace in my own practice and trying to use that stillness as a sounding board for what ails others. Hopefully then offering a fresh perspective that makes that deep breath a little easier to come by.

Who inspires you?
My teachers and students- my teachers because they are a guiding light to help me sift through all that is Yoga and my students because I get to see what my teachers say in action. The potency is quite enamoring. It drives me further in my own Sadhana.

Why do you do yoga?
I started because of poor physical health. I had scoliosis that required surgery- long story short I am three years out from spinal fusion surgery that resulted in the vertebrae in the lower half of my ribcage to be bound together. Every day it is a task to properly coax myself into symmetry and fight muscle memory from when my scoliosis. Yoga is a relief and a repatterining of not only my body but mind as well. One of the biggest struggles with a chronic issue like this is my relationship with my self. I feel like my body is constantly battling between skeletal symmetry and muscular scoliosis. So when the old patterns take over it is easy to sulk. Yoga literally has been the driving force of my healing above all other physical therapy, drugs and medical care I have received. It exposes the light in the darkness and density of my existence. To feel this light and not fight pain but actually surrender into grace is the best thing I do. Maybe better is taking this light and illuminating the hearts and minds of my students to allow themselves to be comfortable in their own skin is better. But even with this experience of clarity there are cloudy days as well. That is why I come back again and again and again.

What must you do?
Reduce the density of what obstructs the light within me and all.

What would you like people to know about you?|
I’m pretty comfortable being with someone and it being completely silent. So if I don’t talk to you it’s not that I don’t like you but I love silence. Once my best friend and I drove to Colorado and didn’t speak or play music for the first eight hours. It was the best part of the drive 🙂

What do you love?
Stillness, Spaciousness and Silence. Hugs are pretty great too. And peanut butter.
If you had 15 minutes in which to do anything, what would you do? Down dog and headstand and breathe.

What do you love to do when you’re off the mat?
Breathe as deeply as I do when I’m on my mat.

What would you like to do less of?
Watch netflix, bus tables and be disconnected from my posture.

What is your superpower(s)?
This one is developing- knowing pain and knowing how to release and prevent it.

What is your favorite asana?
Trikonasana tied with Adho Mukha Svanasana.

What are you grateful for?
The fact that I can learn, practice and share Yoga and grow in the process makes me feel so grateful that it eases everything else.

What would you like to do more of?

What is your idea of heaven?
Complete detachment from things limited by time and space.